Walls is a set of prefabs put together to make building development play areas easy.

This pack contains themed of sets prefabs and materials, designed to enhance play testing and level prototyping.

You can download the latest free release here.

Newer releases may be found on the Unity asset store soon.


Walls come in a number of different themes. More themes are being created and will be added as they are ready. Here are the currently included themes.

Concrete - Dark

Sand Stone - Light

Sand Stone - Dark

Texture Sizes
  • 1 x 512px x 512px : square textures named 2x2
  • 3 x 256px x 256px : square textures named 1x1
  • 3 x 256px x 512px : tall textures named 1x2
  • 2 x 512px x 256px : wide textures named 2x1

Detail Textures

Detail textures are used to give you a way to set up development materials that show what you want them too.

By default the pack comes with 2 sets of detail textures. GridTile and GridTile Light. Both of these sets are provided in four colors. Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Detail sets
  • Yellow : highlight lines.
  • Red : highlight lines.
  • Blue : highlight lines.
  • Green : highlight lines.
Note: These are common across all default themes that come with this asset pack. If you change one you change the details for all themes that use them.

Textures and materials

Each theme contains 9 base textures and 4 detail textures. These are combined to create the materials that come with the Walls asset pack.

Base textures are those that give the theme its distinctive look and feel. Like Concrete or Sandstone. There are 9 of these in each theme.

Each of the textures are unique yet similar enough to be used seamlessly together.

Detail textures are the colored lines you see in the preview images. If you want to create your own detail textures, see the section on Detail Textures below.