My New Blog Is Starting Here

Well Along with yet another redesign of my site I have decided to dump all the old blog posts and start over. There was really nothing there that is related to what I’m doing these days so a clean slate it is.

This new blog is going to be my personal dev diary for all my on going projects. Currently I have few. Mostly based around Unity these include some games, Cave In and Shooting Beats – Redux to name a couple. Plus there are a couple of asset pack projects aimed at the Unity Asset store. These are Weapons Rack; A drop in upgrade-ableĀ  weapons system for use in Unity projects. And Selectable Objects. An RTS style object selection system that works in most games out of the box.

Details of all my projects can be found by clicking the ‘My Projects‘ Link at the top of the page.

I will also be posting up about other web site projects I work on so check back or not. Peace.

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