Minecraft : CaveIn


Minecraft Cave In is simple a vertical scroller themed after the ever popular Minecraft I made for and with the help of my 9 year old son.

Play Mincraft Cave In Now!

Click the buttonbelow to play the current WebGL version.

Currently this has only been tested on desktop browsers and there is no support for touch screen input..yet.

Use W,A, S, and D ( or the arrow keys) to move around, destroy the blocks, pick up power ups and don't' die.

Note that its around 15meg in size and may take a few moments to get started the first time you run it.

If you enjoy this game please leave us a comment and tell us.


A bit about it..

This is version 0.1 with limited blocks, player characters and power-ups. My son and I decided it was fun and challenging enough  for the first release. If we get enough interest we will expand on the games contents and see where it goes. In the meantime Please enjoy and leave us some comments about what you think.

We used textures, images, sounds and meshes found around the interweb just to speed up this dev process. Though we did end up making the pig models as we wanted to animate it and those we found would not work for us.

Taking us almost a year to get this far ( as my son is only 9 and I work full time) its been a fun, educational project that has allowed us to both to learn a lot from each other and spend quality time working on something we both love.

This game is not for sale and will not be downloadable due to trademark of the Minecraft name by Mojang and Microsoft.