Weapons Rack : Weapons

Weapons should be considered the mechanism for releasing a round, launching a missile, aiming a beam weapon or planting a mine. That said weapons do not necessarily require a model to represent them in your game.

A number of weapon prefabs are provided in the prefabs folder. Select one of these prefabs and duplicate it to use in your scene.

Weapons have few options. As in real life a weapon has only one job. This is the only job it is designed to do, and do it well. See the list of Weapons Types and there options.

Weapon Types

  • Shot Weapon Type

    This weapon type represents guns, bows, spears, catapults, mortars and the like.

    Options and Settings
    • Shot : holds the prefab of the shot that the weapon releases. See the section on Shots
    • Target : The transform of the game object you are using to target. See the section on Targets
    • Rate Of Fire : This is the cyclic rate of the weapon. So the time between shots. Set this higher to fire slower.
    • Mode : Semi, Fires one round and requires reset (release the trigger) between firing. Auto, fires until the trigger is released. Burst, fires a number of rounds per trigger press then requires reset, or resets if the trigger is released before the number of rounds is reached.
  • Beam Weapon Type

    Used to simulate laser weapons like those in use today. These are weapons where the beam has a 'fixed' power source and projects energy over time at its target.

    Options and Settings