Weapons Rack : Shots

There are a number of preset shot types in the prefab shots folder. You can simply duplicate one of these and modify it to get your desired shot.

Shots are instantiate as needed by the weapon object that is firing them.

A Weapons Rack weapon, by default does not use a Ray to calculate impacts. Instead this task is given to the round its self. However, I think it would be simpler to create a weapon to use for this purpose. So I will soon.

Shot prefabs are placed into your weapon prefab's rounds list.

Once a shot (or round) has been fired (instantiated) it exists independently in your scene. All shots are placed by default on layer 13.

Normally you would want to set up one shot prefab for each type of round you wish to use in your weapons.

A Weapon's rounds can be set in the Weapon Script component of your weapon prefab. Look for Rounds List. Set the size value to the number of different (types of) rounds you want to load in to your weapon. Then place one of each round in to the list.

Round Types

  • Ballistic Type

    Bullet type rounds and canon shells. Including energy bolts and un-powered guided air to ground munitions.

    The ballistic shot type is primarily used when you wish to simulate a solid projectile that will follow a ballistic flight path.

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  • Beam Type

    This shot type is used to create point to point beam weapons. These are weapons that transfer energy along a beam over time.

    Unlike the ballistic or pulse weapons, this type is fixed to its weapon when selected.

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  • Missile Type

    Powered guided weapons, such as radar guided, TOW or Heat Seeking missiles. Things that that follow or chase a target.

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  • Bomb Type

    Static Shots.. ie mines, time bombs

    This shot type stays in place when spawned or on impact.

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