Weapons Rack

A simple to use package to give any game object an upgrade-able weapons system. Weapons Racks can be used anyplace you need a projectile shot at a target.

Projectiles can be stones, spears, arrows, bullets, bombs or missiles. whatever you care to model.

Weapons Racks can give your characters, mobs, spaceships and vehicles an easy to use weapons selection system.


Another asset pack for Unity, Walls come in a number of different themes. More themes are being created and will be added as they are ready. Here are the currently included themes.

Currently there are three wall types to choose from. Each comes in 4 sizes with between 1 and 3 textures each and 4 detail choices. Giving you up to 108 prefabs to play with.

Minecraft : CaveIn

A fun little project I made with my son to get him started in code and game design.

Shooting Beats - Redux

My take on the very simple but addictive game Shooting Beats.

I'm currently working on a new WebGL version of this. The old Unity Web Player version no longer functions. Check back soon to play and enjoy this awesome little game.

Selectable Objects

Selectable Objects are designed to make RTS style object selection in 3D and 2D space. With many options to allow you to easily customize object markers.

With off screen markers, infinite selection range, camera tracking and much more this package is great for lager and small projects alike.